By Tammy Preston, MS

Brand Names: Adderall®, Adderall XR®

Generic Name: amphetamine (am-FET-uh-meen) with dextroamphetamine (dex-trow-am-FET-uh-meen)

Manufacturer: Shire Pharmaceuticals

Adderall® for Adults

Adderall® is a medication that must be prescribed by a doctor and is the brand name for a combination of amphetamine salts that function as central nervous system (CNS) stimulants, and have been FDA approved for the treatment of both childhood and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well as narcolepsy in adults.

Adderall® is now available in generic versions. Generic Adderall® is offered by Ranbaxy, Sandoz, and Teva Pharmaceutical.

What Is Adderall XR®?

Adderall® is now available in an extended release version that lasts for 24 hours, called Adderall XR® (an abbreviation for eXtended Release). Adderall XR® is an extended-release version of the drug that only needs to be taken once daily and is only indicated for childhood and adult ADHD, not narcolepsy. The XR formulation is still patented, meaning that it will not be available in generic form until at least 2019.

How Adderall® Works

Although it is not known exactly how Adderall® works, it is believed to increase the flow of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, chemicals that carry the signal between neurons (cells of the nervous system). This can result in an increase in a person’s ability to focus over extended periods of time.

Adderall® and Adderall XR® Dose

Adderall® is an oral mediation available in capsule form. The individual dosages for both Adderall® and Adderall XR® range from 5 – 30 milligrams (mg).

Time for Adderall® to take Effect

Although the time required for Adderall® to take effect may be different for each individual, instant-release drugs in this class generally take 1 – 3 hours. The amount of instant release Adderall® in the bloodstream peaks at about 3 hours. Adderall XR® lasts 24 hours, with the dose peaking about 8 hours after it is taken.

Is Adderall® and Adderall XR® Effective for Adult ADHD?

Adderall® has been used to treat ADHD in both children and adults for many years. In 2004, the Harvard investigators involved in analysis of Adderall XR® Phase III trials in adults concluded that the drug significantly improved subjects’ ability to maintain focus, concentrate, and pay attention for longer periods of time [1].

What is the Effect of Adderall® for Adult ADHD on Sports Performance?

Stimulants used in Adderall® have been shown to improve sports performance, particularly maximum heart rates and time to exhaustion during exercise.

Adderall® and Adderall XR® Minor Side Effects
Adderall® and Aderall XR® are generally considered safe and effective for adults. Common side effects are similar to those typically associated with the use of stimulants, and include:
· Dry mouth
· Loss of appetite
· Difficulty falling asleep
· Weight loss

Adderall® and Adderall XR® Precautions
Addiction & Abuse
Studies have been done to address concern that use of stimulant medications may lead to later drug dependency and abuse. Although untreated adult ADHD has been linked to an increased risk of substance abuse later in life [2], the likelihood of future drug abuse disorder is actually decreased when adult ADHD is properly treated [3].

Still, because Adderall® and Aderall XR® are amphetamines and stimulants, there is the potential for abuse. So this medication is not recommended for people who have a history of drug abuse.

Cardiac Precautions
Adderall® and other amphetamines may not be right for you if you have a history of heart problems, such as hardened arteries (arteriosclerosis), heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), or any other pre-existing cardiac condition.

Other Precautions
The drug is also not recommended for people with overactive thyroid, glaucoma, epilepsy and seizure disorders, severe anxiety or agitation and those who have taken MAO inhibitors within the past two weeks. Before taking Adderall® or Aderall XR®, be sure to tell your doctor if you have any of these problems.

Pregnancy Category C
Like all other adult ADHD medications, Adderall® and Aderall XR® are considered “category C” medications, which means that although no human studies have been done, based on animal studies it is thought that they may be harmful to an unborn baby.

This drug can also pass into breast milk and may be harmful to your baby if you nurse. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while you are being treated for adult ADHD.

Total Treatment of Adult Attention Hyperactivity Disorder
Adderall®, Aderall XR®, or any medication used to treat Adult ADHD, should be used as a part of a total treatment program. Comprehensive treatment of the adult ADHD often includes education, support groups, regular doctor appointments and therapy or counseling.

Adderall Withdrawal
If you stop taking Adderall, you may well end up with withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms are worse the longer you have been taking Adderall and the higher the dose you were taking. The main withdrawal symptom is extreme fatigue. Other withdrawal symptoms include negative mood, ranging from lack of motivation to depression. Symptoms can last from a few days to a few months.

Adderall Shortages
There is currently a shortage of Adderall in the United States. Adderall has been added to the official FDA drug shortages list. Many people with adult ADHD have, unfortunately, shown up at their local pharmacy to find that the pharmacy is out of stock. The reason for the shortage is that the DEA sets quotas for how much of various drug ingredients can be manufactured each year. As a result, not enough has been produced to meet the growing demand for Adderall.

Anecdotally, we have heard that pharmacies in ethnic neighborhoods are more likely to have Adderall in stock, in case you are having trouble finding it near you.

Share Your Experiences!
What have your experiences with Adderall been? Let us know about any successes or problems you’ve had taking Adderall for adult ADHD in the comments.

1. Biederman, J, M.D. (2004) Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Mixed Amphetamine Salts Extended-Release for Adult ADHD. APA Presentation # 106
2. Richardson. (2005) When Too Much Isn’t Enough, Ending The Destructive Cycle of AD/HD and Addictive Behavior, Pinon Press
3. Wilens, et al. (2003) Does Stimulant Therapy of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Beget Later Substance Abuse? A Meta-analytic Review of the Literature, Pediatrics Vol. 111 (1).
4. Shire US Inc., Prescribing Information sheet for Adderall XR.


  1. I am 33 years old, I was prescribed Adderal XR for inattentive ADD on Monday, took it Tuesday am and felt GREAT! I was shocked at how much I got done that day! I felt like I was really able to focus and was really pleased with the results! On Wednesday and Thursday began to feel mentally bogged down by noon or so, I was forgetting things and felt really sleepy around 5pm, by dinner time I felt anxious with a huge headache and just felt unfocused and tired. I just don’t know why I felt so great the first day and not so much now? Should I keep taking it or try something else this early on? My primary care doctor said I can try Concerta but should I give up on Adderal so soon?

  2. I am supposed to be on Adderall, but it was too expensive so I was on Ritalin for awhile. I stopped taking it, because I didn’t like the side effects. I am on Cymbalta now for depression, and my Doctor says that Cymbalta and Ritalin don’t mix, so I haven’t bothered asking for Ambien, but I would like to try it if I was ever Rx. it.

  3. Being older there was no such thing as ADD when I was growing up. I heard about it but always thought it was about daydreamers who couldn’t so still. When my inability to stay on task and meet deadlines became an issue with my new job I mentioned it to my doc when I was in her office for foot pain. Am sôooo glad I did! Never in a million years did I think I had ADD. She prescribed Adderall and it has changed my life for the better by far. I can concentrate now and get things done easier and faster. Have to drink more but I should have been taking in more water anyway. Filled first prescription at third pharmacy I went to that s frequented by elderly due to it’s close proximity to a retirement community.

  4. Currently I’m prescribed 30mg fast acting 2 times a day. I feel that the dose is still to weak what should I say to my doctor?

  5. Pleasant Surprise says

    I’ve been taking Adderall for over one year: 10mg x 2/day. This has been a very positive experience which I hope will continue.

    This year, I will turn 64 years-old. Thanks to Adderall, I have crawled out of my ‘cave’ and resumed participating in LIFE! My ADD has improved, as has my general outlook on life.

    My ADD, which was treated with Ritalin for decades is much better, as is my general frame of mind.

    I monitor my blood pressure regularly and make certain I am in a healthy range: not hypertensive.

    Over the past year, I’ve lost 35 lbs of fat, reduced my BMI from a morbidly obese 35 to approx. 17. I go to the gym at least 5 days a week for cardio, stretch, and relatively light resistance training. (I’m NOT bragging, this is simply a fact….one that could reverse in a heartbeat….As a rule, I’m not a highly physical person….so this IS new).

    I credit Adderall with helping me design a healthy diet with no red meat and lots of vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken breasts, organic brown rice, and fruits (THANK YOU, COSTCO!).

    While I recognize that at my age, I could drop dead at any minute, I’m actually enjoying what’s left of my life much more than before. I’ve begun listening to music (my life-long passion which I let go), going to movies, reading, gardening and, within reason, visiting with ‘friends’. House cleaning is still a challenge, but that’s because I’m more interested in something /anything else.

    My next goal is to paint my condo, but I’m not convinced I’ll be able to complete the job without some professional help.

    All-in-all, Adderall has been a ‘life-saver’….The ‘pros’ far outway the ‘cons’ (although, I haven’t experienced any ‘cons’).

    I’m not interested in abusing what works so well. I’m grateful to my MDs for their willingness to allow me to take this medication.

  6. I would never have any friends with out it

  7. Michael Smith says

    Pleasant Surprise — what was your diagnosis that led to the adderall prescription?


  8. Pleasant Surprise says

    Michael Smith – Why don’t you simply give me a call, then I can tell you all about it. 🙂

    You see, your name is that of someone I know and would love to hear from.

    If you’re not the same Michael Smith, sorry.

    The diagnosis is ADD.

    All the same, be well.

  9. I’m just reaching 1.75 yrs. on Adderall. I want to reiterate how positive this treatment has been for me.

    I’m still dedicated to healthy living and enjoying dipping my toes back into LIFE.

    Occassionally, when I encounter an unpleasant situation, I notice my proclivity for grinding or spinning out of control in a very negative direction, happens more rapidly, but I am able to STOP the thought process and redirect my thinking before I get stuck in some sort of schema fabrication.

    I’ve taken a lot of personal inventory and when confronted with a situation I find intolerable, I now speak up, ask for explanation: confirm my understanding, then, if I feel betrayed, mistreated, etc., I address the person and/or situation head on.

    I try not to act hastily, although my mind may feel it’s already figured things out. I try to check my understanding of events before I speak, and once I’m certain of my understanding, I present my position.

    I’ve had to cut loose a long-term friend because of this new-found confidence. While I wish him the best, I can’t be there when he, once again, hits a dead-end. He’ll be fine without me. We’ll be fine without each other.

    I think this is due to my new outlook on life thanks to Adderall. I don’t see it as simply being a narcissist. The drug literally helps me define ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ (I don’t mean to sound self-righteous…I’m talking about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for ME).

    Over the past six months, I’ve been willing and able to do some travelling. The new sense of focus that Adderall gives me often decreases the mundane. Alas! I’m begining to see ‘colors’ again…taking an interest in the world around me.

    ‘Life’ no longer seems like a sad chore.

    Now, about painting my apartment? No progress to report, but I’m okay with that.

  10. Thanks for all of your contributions and feedback Pleasant Surprise!

  11. Administrator – Thank you for your effort in supporting this site. 🙂

  12. Argh! Where do I start. I have a ncp as a dr who gave me lexapro and zanax for my issue. Heres my problem… I cant remember anything. Like literally 5 minutes ago I have to focus so hard on what happened. My mind races 900 mph at times and at times its blank but like its still spinning. Make any sense? Tried strattera. Failed a massive test in school. It made my mind stand still and my body was racing. I was also mean, very mean. Im a 33 yr old female btw. My two oldest kids 14 and 13 have adhd and so its assumed that I have it too. Ive worked so hard to get to where I am but no matterhow hard I study I cant remember what I have read.

  13. It truly depresses me that I cannot focus on anything from work to college. I’m really hoping aderol will help me.

  14. First, this drug has the potential to greatly help people, however, due to the risks involved, it may not be for everyone. Often I hear of people wanting to take adderall to lose weight, study for an exam, or party harder on the weekends. Trust me, folks. This is not a healthy way to lose extra lbs or become a weekend bar room hero. If taken properly, it can really help with a lot of areas in life though!

    I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, took this medication from early childhood throughout high school, and stopped using it for a few years because I joined the military. When I resumed taking the drug last year, I was instantly plagued with weight loss. Considering that I lost a ton of muscle mass in the process, this was not a good result for me. Make sure you follow the directions and take this medicine after eating a full meal! Running at a higher performance level with no ‘fuel’ is terrible for you. While you may not feel hungry, your body still needs food. For a few months I struggled with weight loss and it was awful. A healthy diet/exercise combo is what finally got me back on track. For those who are struggling with this same issue, the answer is simple. EAT!

    Also, cutting caffeine may be a good idea when taking this drug. I noticed that drinking a cup of coffee on this medication makes me feel as though I drank about 10. Cutting caffeine could also help with the sleep issue I am about to discuss below. Similar to the weight loss side effect, it also made me less thirsty, and my mouth was always dry. Giving caffeine the boot and replacing it with water helped me maintain a healthy hydration cycle too.

    My sleep schedule was the next area that took a jab once I began using Adderall again. On a side note; I can’t stress it enough, but this medication must be taken exactly as the doctor tells you to take it. Seriously, this stuff is no joke. If you take a dose too late in the afternoon, falling asleep may become a near impossible chore, when in reality it should be the relaxing point of your day. Getting yourself on the right dose of this stuff is the key to making it successfuly do it’s purpose.

    When I first came back on the drug, I was taking 2, 20mg XR tablets (1 in the morning, and 1 at lunch) a day. After fighting the sand man for a month, I decided this was not the dose for me and asked to have my afternoon dose switched to the instant release tablets instead. This greatly helped me get a normal sleep pattern again.

    People tend to have the stigma that because you have to see a doctor to change your dose, “it’s not worth the trip”, or “they will try putting me on a new drug instead like they did the last 20 times.” This is false! My doctor was actually happy that I came in, and was glad I was paying attention to the effects the drug had on me. We discussed the issues I was having and I was able to walk out that same day with my new dose.

    If taken in healthy doses, it can be effective. But if the sole purpose of taking this drug is to get you through a 12 hour work day and go fight crime throughout the night, this drug will/may, in time, completely burn you out. If this is your motive, you may want to explore other areas to improve your rest/work schedule before resorting to adderall. Not only that, but using it in an unhealthy way greatly increases your risk of abusing the drug. As stated above, this stuff is not a joke. Abusing it could seriously take a toll on your health and create more problems in the long term.

  15. ChrisCo: Excellent post. Thanks for explaining things so well.

  16. i am 28 years old and have been taking adderall for 4 years straight to help me with my job. I do not abuse the drug and only take it as i am prescribed. I started taking 30mg xr for the first two years, gained a tolerance and got prescribed another 15mg ir for the late afternoon. i was steady on that for 2 years, now i have switched jobs and my job now their is no need to have that much mental energy put into it. It is a lot more layed back job and i find myself trying to be too assertive and worrying when their is no need. So i have stopped the 15 ir in the afternoon and it has helped a lot, now i am going back to the dr. to see if i can lower my 30xr to 20xr because it still feels like too much sometimes.

    Moral of this: Do not take adderall for energy if you are tired, It only helps you focus.
    Once i realized the proper way to take it, i realized i don’t need as much as i thought. LESS IS MORE!

  17. ChrisCo, Branden and Pleasant… Do you recommend a good forum for us adults. Very apropos, I was diagnosed in “ADHD Awareness month” this October just a few weeks ago, with ADHD, though I had myself convinced that if I had anything it was ADD…my results spoke otherwise. Impulsive you say? I have to say yes!

    So, all three of you have great posts and sound like you have good heads on your shoulders. I am trying to find some good places to go to read, share and learn. I tripped on this post looking at whether I could take a caffeine pill with my Adderall 10mg xr. I was so exhausted, after getting a lot of sleep this weekend, and I am used to drinking a lot of diet coke and have read and heard it isn’t too acidic to take with my “xr” . If I have any I have it later in the afternoon. I have switched to flavored selter and water during most of the day.

    I am a neophyte at this with only taking it for my 5th day now. I am very tuned in to my body and trying to keep good logs for my Dr. So far I have not had the AH HA she suggested I would definitely feel, but I feel a little “something”, but very little. I know its a low dose and I go tomorrow to fill her in and get adjusted if she thinks it’s appropriate. She intimated that she might likely add an IR dose in the afternoon. Suspecting it was going to be a low dose for me based on where my ADHD has taken me etc.

    Thank you for sharing all of our positive and candid anecdotes. Please keep it up and if you know of any great forums where like minded people reside, please let me know.


  18. I have been taking Adderall XR for about two years. When my husband changed jobs recently, I found out that his medical insurance only covers the generic. I went ahead and filled it only to find out the hard way that the generic didn’t work for me. Not only was the generic ineffective, but I had withdrawals at the same time. Has anyone else had this experience?

  19. Hello Amy – Happy to hear from you. RE: Annonymous ADD forums – No, I don’t know of any, but truthfully, I haven’t looked very hard.

    Like you, I stumbled onto this site and have enjoyed reading all the encouraging posts.

    My life-long ADD struggle has been coupled with chronic depression ( a morbid sense of hopelessness ). This depression began responding positively to Zoloft approx. 18 yrs. ago in conjunction to the Ritalin I was already taking.

    There was some improvement, but over time, I felt like none of the pills were REALLY HELPING. The Ritalin had become more of an irritant than a psycho-stimulent. So, I stopped taking it approx. 6mos. to a year before I began taking Adderall.

    My “Ah-Ha Moment” happened virtually immediately. After years of obsessing over losing control of my body (weight gain through inertia from growing anhedonia) I joined a convenient gym and hired a personal trainer. These were drastic actions which were only made possible with the help of Adderall. Suddenly, I could justify the expense of a personal trainer and I seriously upgraded my eating habits thanks to his recommendations.

    It was as if ‘someone’ flipped a switch and off I went: keeping in mind that this too could pass and to take it one day at a time.

    1-1/2 yrs. later, I’m still on track.

    It’s great that you keep a journal. Not only does it help organize your thoughts, over time, it will show you where you are going, or want to be (huh?)….Whatever…keep it up.

    I always feel I need to point out that I am now retired and thereby free from so many of life’s daily distractions, hassels and personalities.

    If I were in a new job, I would hold off on the medication until I had a working knowledge of my job duties. There’s a fine line between being securely focused and being hyper alert. For me, it takes time for me to feel comfortable in a new job, friendship, social activity….I don’t want to confuse my mind with my intuition (again, HUH?).

    Having said that, Adderall is a great companion.

    Good luck and stay in touch. Cheers!

  20. I as just diagnosed with ADD at the age of 44. Its being 4 days taking Adderall 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon, I have all the side effects but I don’t feel any difference than before. Low dosage or should I give it more days to work.

  21. I grew up with ADHD I was diagnosed at 5, but my doctor didn’t believe in medication for children, so I was unmedicated my whole life. I did poorly in school, I had a few friends but I was always over the top and the “crazy” super energetic one. Which to everyone made me seem perfectly normal, happy, outgoing and spontaneous. It wasn’t until my senior year 2007, I was diagnosed with depression. We tried almost every antidepressant on the market. I eventually gave up and just tried to deal with it. I became increasingly withdrawn, unmotivated depressed. In 2010 I came down with a rare form of Lymes disease called Lymes Meningitis, I developed Bells Palsy and was hospitalized and had IV medication for 28 days (which last week I learned I wasn’t treated properly and my body is stillnfoghting the infection.) After the lymes I was diagnosed with PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, and Bipolar Depression. Over the past four years I have tried every antidepressant antipsychotic anticonvulsant on the market, nothing worked. I would get violently I’ll from them, or they would make me so fatigued and even worse mentally than I had been. Xanax was the only thing that could control my anxiety, at a high dosage. Invega sent me to the hospital for wanting to commit suicide. I had lost most of my friends at this point, I had been suicidal and was self harming.

    Like I said last week I found out I was still sick, and I’ve been doing blood tests for over a month trying to figure out what is causing this fatigue and other symptoms. That was Agen m’y mon finally confirmed to me that as a child I was diagnosed ADHD. That’s when the wheels started turning. I had just visited my psychiatrist who prescribed yet another anticonvulsant which I just refused to take. I called her immediately and went to see her the very next day Tuesday, I told her about what my mom had told me and told her that these other drugs have NEVER worked. I explained to her my trouble with hoarding, my impulsive behavior and shopping, spending that has left our family already on food stamps and government assistance, completely broke. She gave me the sheet if paper and asked the YES or NO questions and absolutely every single one I answered yes to. She had already agreed before the teat that what in was saying made sense ans she knew I dis have ADHD. The test was just a formality for the insurance.

    I was prescribed 10mg of Adderall twice daily and then up to three times daily. My first night I started with 5mg I suffered terrible nausea and stomach pain. But no other effects , the energy, the “euphoria”, the concentration. The next morning I took the full 10mgs, mild nausea a dllnd stomach ache, but an explosion of energy, concentration, happiness, and I could not stop talking. I tried just sitting on the couch but I got the jitters so I had to move around, but I also wanted to move around. No fatigue. I did feel very very tired within a few hours, but I made sure I waitied twelve hours before my next dose. Again I had great energy, I cleaned my living room and scrubbed from top to bottom. My house because of the fatigue and getting overwhelmed so easily and unable to figure out what to clean first and losing interest, is a nightmare so this was a huge accomplishment for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep. When I nodded off I woke up twitching and feeling like in was going to throw up.

    Day three I hadn’t gotten much sleep, but I did not take the Adderall at all. I almost felt like I didn’t need it as the day went on I felt normal. Also since beginning the Adderall I have not felt anxious at all and have not suffered a panic attack. Which I usually have two a day with one being absolutely crippling. That night after not taking the drug, and had not slept I went to bed, my son woke up at two am and I felt very annoyed, very angry. I took care of him, got him back to sleep and then yelled at my husband who stays up all night, that he needed to learn to be a father I hadn’t slept and he was worthless. Not in so many words but I was very aggressive to him. The net morning I was up at 5am, I took the Adderall at 7 and didn’t feel much of anything. As the day went on I felt a little better around 10 and went to Christmas shop with my mom I felt more energy. No anxiety. No jitters, no stomach pain and no nausea. Around 3pm we were still out and I began to feel anxious and over tired, so I took another 10mg. This time I felt my muscles in my left leg perk up, and tense up, as I had experienced before the first and second day I had sweating. I began to panic and felt very nauseous. I took a xanax it stopped the attack and then the energy and motivation kicked in and I was fine. I went to bed at 11 and woke up at 5am today, took my medicine and felt great for a few hours, and got quite a bit of cleaning done. But I couldn’t shake the anger/no patience and irritability. I took an additional 5mg at 10am because I felt exhausted to the point of passing out. Felt nothing. I’ve been very irritable. I haven’t taken any more since then but I am experiencing sweats, anxiety and nausea. I also had not really eaten in 3 days

  22. I accidentally posted. I have had no appetite and when I do try and eat I get sick, extremely nauseous. I am drinking water and have almost completely cut out caffeine. Is the wearing off too quickly and any other issues things I need to be concerned about or possibly up my dose and try to see what works best for me?

    Thank you sorry for the long post!

  23. Greetings, all. It’s Christmas Eve and this is my first day on Adderall. I’m hoping someone can respond with some advice. I’m a 58-year-old man. Long story short (history of depression, hypersomnia, blah, blah), I was just diagnosed with a “profound” case of ADD. Psychiatrist put me on 30mg Vyvanse 1x day taken in the morning. I’d been on 10mg methylphenidate (Ritalin) for the sleep disorder for years but stopped it bcs it never helped.

    A week after starting the Vyvance, I called the doc to ask if the med should be helping me wake up or sleep. Suddenly I was sleeping 18+ hours a day instead of my usual 14. I’d also gained 6 pounds. Yeah, it’s the holidays, but I’m retired/on disability and don’t socialize unless I absolutely have to. The doctor was NOT happy and told me to come in immediately. She’s keeping me on the 30mg Vyvance but added 15mg Adderall XR … said I should feel a difference the first day. Only difference I’m feeling is that instead of napping 4 hours this afternoon, I only slept for 2.5 hours. And I’m still not interested in tending to anything I need to do like cleaning, taxes, etc.

    So, here’s the one wrinkle in the story. My older sister has a longer history of major depression and, unbeknownst to me, was diagnosed with ADD about six months ago. I mention her only bcs what works for one of us seems to work well with the other whether for hypertension, RLS, depression, etc. Her doc put her on Adderall and she told me a few days ago that her life has changed dramatically. Her house is clean, she’s joined a gym, starting to socialize with old friends, etc.

    Them’s the facts. So what does anyone think? Does it take a few days for the Adderall to kick in? Do I need a higher dose? Is there a different class of drugs to be considered? Thanks in advance for any input.

  24. I am actually writing for some advice for my new prescription of Adderall. I have been diagnosed for years with many mental health issues including bi-polarII, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and daytime sleepiness and no energy to do anything. Most of the time I can’t even get out of bed. My meds include, Lamictal, Seroquel ER, Ambien, Clonazepam, and now Adderall. I have been on Adderall 10mg twice a day and yet my energy, concentration, help with my depression and energy. Its been about a week and I needed to go to an important event yet I was told never take it after 2:00 pm and I didn’t realize the time so I couldn’t sleep at all even with all my other meds that usually work. So while I am planning to tell my psych at my next appt. but that won’t be til January 2nd…which I know isn’t far away but I am nervous to tell her they haven’t done anything and I even took the two at the same time and then tried one more a few hours later but nothing…I don’t want to give up on this medication since I need something BIG time to raise my energy level especially the fact that New years is here in two days and I just want to be able to have any chance of going and not bail out if I am in a slump, depressed with no interest. The tickets are bought, I have the dress, and it just happens to be mu husband’s 40th Birthday so I need to go…please if anyone has any advice or been thru this and can hopefully put me at ease that because I have only been on it about a week that soon it will kick in or something. I just hope this medication is my last hope and if I tell my psych she can either raise the dosage or take me off of it completely which she has done in the past with the drug Latuda which was supposed to be the perfect drug for me since its for the depression part of bi-polarII and again I was only on it for a couple weeks and when I asked her if I can either go up a dosage or try something else…she just said if they aren’t working stop taking it right away and she didn’t have any suggestions for anything else. So if I tell her about the Adderall isn’t helping just yet she may and that’s a big may up the dosage or give me another kind of stimulant because I can’t live like this. This depression, lack of energy, etc has made me miss out on my life especially special events like even Christmas, I spent in bed, and so I need to make New Years…please any advice or ideas of adding more Adderall will make a difference or is there another type of stimulant that is stronger or works way faster. For instance when I woke up today at 9:30am I took the two Adderall and am still in bed with a list of things to do but feel like I am stuck under concrete and unable to do the most simple things…now that its after 2:00pm I know not to take anymore but its heartbreaking to still feel NO effects. Thank-you Malissa

  25. Greetings! I’ve been reading the most recent posts and want to thank you for your sharing. Very interesting.

    I’ve been on Adderall 20 months. It has helped me from the very first dose.

    Nothing I can write should be taken as professional advice, but it has been my experience that often professionals can learn with our help. E.G. – After experiencing several years of severe Anhedonia, I consulted a phsychiatrist and asked for Adderall as soon as I began speaking. I told him that I’d been on ritalin and it was no longer beneficial, so I stopped taking it a year before I first met with him (+/-). Surprisingly, I had not researched the drug, but I’d been hearing about it…I wanted to try it.

    I was very fortunate. He agreed to perscibe the Adderall 10mg, twice daily.

    Within two hours, I felt as if an old dusty switch in my brain had been finally brushed off and turned on….My response was that dramatic and I still feel the benefits of this drug.

    Several of the recent posts are from people who, like me, are taking meds for other psych needs.

    While I’ve tried most of what I’ve read about in their posts, I have never combined them with Adderall, so I can’t tell anyone what will most likely work/not work.

    I do take 100mg. of Zoloft in the morning, but I’ve been taking Zoloft for at least 15 yrs. (I don’t feel it at all).

    Perhaps it’s working well with the Adderall, but I can’t tell. At least I know the two are symbiotic (I think that’s the word I’m looking for). What I mean is that I feel the benefits of the Adderall regardless of the Zoloft.

    So, using common sense, and my doctors expertise, I can figure out that if I’m taking Valium for anxiety at bedtime, there’s a good chance I will feel a little lethargic in the morning. I try to restrain my use of Valium…taking it only when I can’t shut my mind up. I’ve been taking 10mg of Valium, off and on, as needed, for 40 years.

    What is my point? I think I’m trying to say that different meds will impact the effect of Adderall. If one is taking ‘downers’ it’s very likely the Adderall will be over powered and the effect will be less noticeable.

    I know ‘you’ need the other meds, but may I suggest you keep trying with the Adderall. Perhaps the timing is what’s causing interference or lack of benefit.

    I take my Adderall no later than noon and I usually follow the noon dose with a great workout at the gym. This has been working well for me. (Before I started with the Adderall, the gym was not a possibility).

    In the evening, my body is tired from working out, but my mind sometimes wants to work overtime. I think I’ve got it under control.

    As with the Valium, I suppose I am psychologically dependent on the Adderall, but I’m okay with that because it has made me want to, once again, engage in ‘life’. Before, I was just watching too much bad TV, isolating, giving up.

    I hope those of you who are still waiting for the benefits to kick in stick with it and let us know how you’re doing.

    (I sure wish this site had spell-check….The Adderall can’t fix everything…LOL!) Oh well…

  26. teresa hodges says

    I would like to find a phychiatrist who perscribes adderall for adhd and narcolepsey. In the greewood, indianapolis, bloomington, indiana area.. i lost my phychiatrist and need to find a new one.. if u know of any please let me know by emailing me..thanks so much…

  27. Joshua Seals says

    I have been on adderall for 15 years, since high school. I have been taking 30 mg of non-xr twice daily. I was perfectly functional, happy, stable and relatively healthy. I also have had high blood pressure since youth, even prior to adderall, so my doctors have had to change up my BP meds but overall, I was very well. It even helped with some depression.

    About 6 months ago, I moved and had to get a new doctor (psych). She decided that I wasn’t ADD or ADHD but claimed bipolar. She changed my meds, adding 3 new meds and lowered me to 20mg morning and 10 mg after lunch. So from 60 mg daily to now 30 mg daily. I finally stopped taking the other meds.

    Well, since lowering my dosage, I’ve gained 60 lbs. (and I started exercising heavily, including doing Insantity and P90X). Additionally, I’ve become aggressive, don’t sleep well at night, get very fatigued during the day, can’t seem to get anything accomplished, can’t maintain focus for long and the depression has returned.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find a different doctor in the area so I’m basically stuck with this doctor. She also refused to return my dosage to what I’ve been on for years. It’s very frustrating. She claims it’s because adderall isn’t supposed to be prescribed for adults.

    I know my body and I know what works. I have been on these same meds for years with no issues. It took several doctors multiple years to finally get my medications balance so the side effects are minimal and the meds were doing well. Since the change I have become a different person. It’s very frustrating.

    With all that being said, your doctor doesn’t always know best! You know your own body. Insist on getting your things that work for you. I’m trying to find another doctor so I can get back to the point where I feel “normal”. Adderall is a godsend.

  28. I have had TBI since 1999. Wasn’t given Adderall until 2009. Made a huge difference in my life. Unfortunately my “medically needy” status was removed for reasons unknown. After being on 20 milligrams three x daily at a cost of $3 monthly I was forced to withdraw. Unbelievable trauma. I have 1/8 frontal lobe and temporal lobe damage. Found an M.D. who gave me a temporary script and it cost me $185.00. Now I have no relief. I have Medicare drug supplement but AARP doesn’t want to pay Nor can I find a doctor who is willing to give me what I am familiar with. They act like you’re a drug addict when you ask for it. Loosing it!!!

  29. Some comments about my experiences with Adderall. My profession demands hours in post-production behind a computer. Prior to Adder all, I couldn’t sit still longer than 5 minutes without coming up with a reason to leave my desk, …needed more coffee, have to stretch, water the plants, etc. I subconsciously found a ‘reason’ to interrupt my work!
    My first morning taking Adderall, I sat down behind my computer at 6:30am. When I finally broke away from my computer it was almost 1 pm!! I was astounded.
    Early on, I was getting the usual dry-mouth side effects, but now that effect is no a daily occurance. It has become rather random, which is a not puzzling.
    Overall, the addition of Adderall has had a positive effect on my life. Having been diagnosed with Dyslexia back in 1971 (in the early days) I strongly feel this medication would have been helpful to pull my average “C” grades through school up to AM’s….no question.
    The best advise is that you must be honest with your doctor and log your progress/side effects/thoughts during the early stages of being prescribed. I tried several various doses, as well as Ritilin prior to landing the most effective doaseage for me.

  30. I was diagnosed with Adult ADD recently and was recommended Neurofeedback therapy to avoid having to take pills. It has been a few weeks and I don’t feel any change, but have confidence in the doctor. I feel like I’m wasting time every minute. The doctor recommends I continue doing the theraphy.. Im tempted to see a psychiatrist and get prescribed pills thought I do know all the cons to that. any suggestions?

  31. Phattipatti says

    Great site! AdderalXR 10++years with MUCH success! 90mg daily. Adjunct Ritalin 60mg daily. Over last two months np can reduced doses adderal40mg/ritilin20mg. WHY?? ” was it light dawning over Marblehead? No! Recommended dosage? After10yrs?? I am out of my mind, as far as abilities to write, read, converse, respond, etc. inane tasks or scheduled commitments are overwhelming . My life as I knew it, a sad reflexion of ” if it’s not broken- Don’t FIX it!!. With many skills in my cache of what works, i am lost, a state left behind years ago. I have been monitored closely over these 10yrs. No tremors, medical anomalies, nor detrimental affects. Now she wants to have psychiatrist review tx. Plan. Ya think?? I see dr., councilor, DBT therapy, support groups, on regular basis. I speak yearly at State House, senate/ house, on mentalHealth issues/budget. I am aCPS, certified peer specialist. A healthcare provider with 40+ yrs serving in private and public sector venues. I feelPowerless to resolve. I have no voice.

  32. Phattipatti – I guess by now you’ve either adjusted to your new regimen or…I enjoyed your post. Sorry this site is not more interactive…I hope you were able to either successfully convince your ‘people’ that you’re doing well with the higher doses…OR, you’ve managed to ‘tunnel’ your way toward a new/better support system (NP, MD, etc.).

    There MUST be a reason why the cut back…I’d sure like to better understand what causes these gods to think and act the way they do.

    Let me/us know how things are going. All the best.

  33. -I was diagnosed at age 8 with ADHD. I am now 23 & I have been taking Adderall since age 8 or 9. I have had absolutely no trouble with Adderall & every chance I get, I recommend trying medication to people who have children recently diagnosed with ADHD. The life I would have had growing up without medication, I am 99% sure, would have led to drugs, violence, dropping out of school, etc. Needless to say, my life would be so much harder & so very different from what it is today.
    -Anyway, my Doctor increased the dosage as necessary while I was growing & when I started youth group around age 12, I was given a 20mg tablet afternoon/ evening dose because I was driving my friends nuts. So, since about age 18 til now I’ve been taking (2) 25mg XR capsules in the morning & (1) 20mg tablet in the evening.
    -All of a sudden my new doctor wants me to wean off the Adderall completely because “there have been no studies done an the long term effects of Adderall on people with ADD/ ADHD”. Which scares the absolute crap out of me – first thing that came to my mind was cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s – what could this have done to me for the length of time I’ve been taking it?? No Idea.
    -I’m down to (1)25mg XR capsule in the morning now & no afternoon dose- I’m not taking evening school classes in the summertime but when I start back in the fall – I wonder what they’ll recommend…..
    -I’ve noticed it’s harder for me to stay focused on the task at hand & I’m having trouble “filtering” what I should and should not say.
    This should be interesting.


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